a woman who is not married, especially a woman who is no longer young and seems unlikely ever to marry.
Note* A woman who never enters marriage contract is so smart.
"Spinster means a woman who can stand independently and doesn't need a man for her life"
by Ebonii March 14, 2008
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A woman who kept on believing in fairytale-like love stories for too long.
my ( spinster ) chemistry teacher
by aeredna November 15, 2009
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Spinster is an attractive lady who can spin dreams of her own, have the freedom to make them true, and when this happens men often spin around her for marriage proposals. Now it depends entirely on her to accept or reject proposals. Married ladies often envy spinsters.
I am a spinster, I can spin as I like; not a married lady who has marred her life!
by koolcharm September 2, 2015
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(n.) He-who-must-attend-spinning-class-regularly
The gym was largely populated by spinsters.
by salmonsunglasses July 16, 2011
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A gangster who rides on spinners, rims that rotate continously, even if the actual wheel is not turning. It is a portmanteau of the words 'spinners' and 'gangster'.

Me: whatchu you call a gangster who pimps his ride with them spinners?

Person: think....I don't know, tell me.

Me: A Spinster! Hah; funny, eh?

Person: Damn, that was the lamest joke I've ever heard
by 123philihp321 September 28, 2006
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A hipster (35+) who takes a modern, but yet old expensive piece of clothing and pairs it with mostly inexpensive items purchased from Nordstrom's Rack or Marshall's. Basically, they put their own SPIN on their old expensive clothing and thus making it AWESOME = SPINSTER!
A new trendy hoodie with an old expensive leather skirt and v-Itaglia boots or paul green shoes (and sometimes awesome knee socks), hence, you are a SPINster!
by tarster October 2, 2010
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