A female who values her female relationships as much as her male ones, doesn't alter who she is, what she believes in, or what she wants to make a boy's life easier, and not worrying that boys will find her unattractive if she speaks what's is on her mind

A spinster can have sexual relationships as long as they still follow the spinster rules
Boy: "I don't like the way you dress, you would look so much better if you wore dresses like other girls"
Girl: "Well, I like my jeans and I'm not changing myself to impress you"
Boy: "Stop it and just agree with me like other girls do!"
Girl: "Well that's my opinion and I'm not changing it just because you don't agree. It's called being a spinster"
by Feminist#1 March 4, 2017
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1)An old, unmarried lady. She usually has 47 cats and loves scaring away little kids that come up to her door on Halloween.

2)A fourteen year old girl that believes she will never get married and wants to become a spinster.

little girl: oh my goodness, did you hear about that spinster jess that lives down the street!?

little boy: yessir! i went to her house on Halloween and she let her crazy cats come out and attack me.


Jessie: so i think i will end up being a spinster when im older. yaay!! :

Lydia: OH MY GOODNESS. You will not become a spinster jess!! i wont let that happen.
by jess the spinster March 5, 2008
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A successful, career-driven woman who refuses to settle for a man who (a) earns less than she does (b) her social circle/family would disprove of, and (c) someone she feels she can't look up to. Years later, she finds that by not compromising, she's in her 40s, single, and turns to artificial insemination as a last-ditch attempt at motherhood.
After vying to make partner at the firm for 16 years, Fran put off starting a family. By the time she made partner, she was 44, her looks had faded, and she was relegated to the role of executive spinster: take out Chinese, Grey's Anatomy, and 6am spin classes.
by Ma Cheese Moe December 5, 2011
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Sentient, omnipotent-biped. Capable of anything except permanent attachment to any single member of the opposite sex.
At 44 and still a man-spinster, he's a good catch if you can get him to settle down.
by Cripi October 16, 2013
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a 20 something woman who has had her heart broken into a million pieces so she decides not to date anyone. she is content with dying old and alone.
Good luck trying to date her she is an aspiring spinster.
by HannaH Louise September 25, 2011
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The aunt who never got married but is pretty cool, does her own thing, and just dates around.
Yeah..that's my Aunt Sarah, that's her boyfriend of the week, she's the spinster aunt.
by Grace Blase October 2, 2017
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One who spins records, lp's, music,, record enthusiast without being a snob about it. One who has a casual relationship with his record collection for the love of music not as a symbol of status.
Q: Are you a serious audiophile or collector?
A: No, man i just own a lot of records because I like listening to them...I'm just a record spinster.
by RollieJ September 3, 2021
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