A woman who has knowingly lost interest in sex due to the use of SSRI anti-depressants.

Oftentimes, these women are fully aware of the fact that the SSRI's have eliminated, or sharply reduced their libido, but they don't care, some women even see a reduction of sexual urges as being beneficial.
CHICK ---- Every since I started taking Lexapro I don't feel so miserable and I'm better at my job now, but I could care less about sex.

DUDE (Chick's soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend) --- You feel BETTER now that your not having sex with me? That's just great..

CHICK ---- It's not that I dislike sex with you, I just don't care, why bother?

DUDE --- Why bother? No sex will end our relationship!

CHICK ---- I'm in a better place with the Lexapro, I don't need your negative energy

DUDE --- You're an SSRI spinster...I can't be with you anymore
by 415man94102 March 1, 2012
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Any person who will eat food off of your cock.
Person 1: Aye did you go to the cocktail party last night?
Person 2: Hell yeah! Made amy my deli-buff spinster with the crudités!
by Peeleberry December 4, 2010
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A false dichotomy that asserts that a woman cannot be both a family person and following her professional ambitions. Compare and contrast Madonna/Whore Complex.
"Feminism is a depopulation plot! Feminazis want to destroy the nuclear family! They tell women that they should want to become wage drones, instead of marrying, having children and making me sandwiches!"
"That's quite a Madonna/Spinster complex you have going on there."
by Dire Tamandua July 2, 2017
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