When you are a simp and a pimp at the same time
"Yo I'm lowkey simping over this girl but I also got mad bitches. I feel like a spim".
by no te importa <3 April 28, 2020
A Spurious Imposition
The person in front of the queue was a total spim
by muce September 28, 2011
An online advertising solicitation sent via an Instant Messenger program, usually containing a link to a website featuring services such as pornography, credit repair, or prescription drug sales. Like spam, these communications are often sent under the guise of being a message from a friend. The links enclosed may also be used to spread viruses.
Come check out my hot new webcam! My sorority sisters and I are about to take a shower together! <click here>
by Dawn Davenport January 21, 2005
using an instant message service (aol/aim, myspace, yahoo...) to spam message people.
spimming: getting a random unsolicited im from someone with a link to a website. "I just got spimmed!"
by Cooper Cooperson October 16, 2007
Instant messaging spam, from ICQ, AIM, or otherwise. (from Spam + IM).
Some biatch sent my spim over ICQ advertising her porno site.
by Spam H8R November 16, 2003
"Someone's pussy that isn't mine.". Used mostly in chat rooms or message boards to describe another female's sexual anatomy. (Acronym)
That thong only comes in SPIM
by Dreyah June 7, 2011


by fine listener February 9, 2022