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A name to categorize bland, unfunny, boring, and uninteresting videos on the video-sharing platform TikTok. (Does not necessarily correlate with one’s sexuality)
I think Molly is on straight TikTok. Her for-you page is a bunch of shirtless teenage boys dancing.
by IAmHelloForU June 04, 2020

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In slang derived from stan twitter, spill comes from the root “spill the tea”, which means to tell the gossip or the truth. Spill is simply a shortened and modernized version of the now-outdated phrase.
Person 1: “Ariana’s best album is Sweetener.”
Person 2: “Spill! It’s by far her most well-produced and experimental album!”
by IAmHelloForU October 09, 2020

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The crap(feces) of a monkey or other primate.
Ew, WTF this tastes like monkey crap.
by IAmHelloForU December 13, 2016

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