A convertible, usually of the make of Ferrari or Porsche.
Ferrari convertibles include the F355 Spider and the 360 Spider.

Porsche convertibles include the 550 Spyder.
by EJL March 14, 2004
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When you get naked and do a handstand in the doorway to a closed door. When the unsuspecting victim opens the door all he/she sees is a butthole, and some upside down genitalia.
"Look, Scott took off all his close, he's gonna give Dan the spider. Weird his balls are upside down. Man Scott is so funny all of the time."
by Scott R. April 27, 2006
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Is the Keyboardist/Organ player for The Horrors.
Is known for his unusual bowl cut, but looks amazing on his chizeled face.
Wow your hair is so spider!

Wow look its spider!
by CharlieHorror April 16, 2008
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Flecks of shit that stick to the toilet bowl, even after flushing, that resemble spiders trying to crawl up and bite your ass. Sometimes caused by explosive diarrhea, other times caused by a Tower of Pisa turd when it falls and leaves shitflecks behind
I had a case of the volcanic shits - one blast from my ass painted the entire inside of the bowl with spiders.
by BratBastard October 17, 2011
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Something you run the hell away from, and no one knows why.
noun: WTF is that i spider!? GET THE FUCK AWAY FROM THAT!
by Professor Yeeticus March 11, 2019
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