A woman or girl who has a physical dependence on sperm. She will do anything to get it. Some of them want it in their pussies, others prefer it in their mouths, others like to swallow. The greediest ones will want sperm from multiple males in every orifice in the same daily 'session'. These are hungry girls who are not at all interested in you as a person. Don't be under any illusion, they only want your seed.
Yulia loved to see the precum seeping out of the 'eye'. As she licked it off her mouth watered in anticipation of what was coming. She hoped for a strong, thick, white, gelatinous torrent of cum. She wanted it to spurt out, hot on her lips and tongue. She wanted to savour it, really taste it and enjoy it before slowly swallowing. She loved the slight sting of it in her mouth and in her throat as it slid down to her stomach. She would then drink a little water and prepare herself for another shot. Sometimes she did a tasting if she knew the males. She was proud that she could usually tell whose sperma was who's. Yulia was truly a conoisseur of cum, a sperm slut who gorged on the elixir of life.
by O'Flagherty June 16, 2008
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What every male's ex-wife or girlfriend becomes a minute after they break up.
Where's my ol'lady? Oh, you mean that sperm burpin slut that I used to have clean the old pipes every now and then.
by Anonymous October 19, 2003
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one who accepts ejaculation often enough burp
your mother told me your grandmother is a regular sperm burping gutter slut, bitch
by Anonymous November 29, 2002
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A homeless gutter residing fish like human who swims in giz. Often found studying "Murphys" law.
Christina the Trout Townsend has recently been spotted off the coast of Long Beach. Stay away from this sperm burping gutter slut, Sean Murphy has infested her with cooties.
by dr.willow January 23, 2007
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An extremely nasty female who sucks sperm from random men wanting a blow job and is at the very lowest level of trash and lives in the gutter....Straight was trash!!
by 77SSS81 August 4, 2021
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