When you are a bumlick to someone or you copy everthing the person does
If someone says "Larry has waves so I'm geting it' you can respond 'your such a spem'
If Christopher says a joke which isnt funny but you still laugh everytime , people can reply ' Can you acc fuck of you spem' or 'Stop spemming him freak'
by martinez chris October 6, 2017
Someone who annoys you highly with there stupidity making you want to do the biggest face palm ever.
You are such a Spem I can't even deal with this right now .
by TLoneWolf February 27, 2020
A mis-spelling of Spam, also can be used to call someone the equivalent of "Blithering Idiot" or "daft cunt"
by Legit not a troll May 9, 2018
Sex-related spamming.
The horny teenager spammed hentai in the IRC chatroom.
by [GpW]NinjA July 31, 2003
(singular) is one witch is the same as the original witch can be defined as one who may or not be called a name given to them at birth

(plural) is more than one of the same who can be described as a multipliable copy of the original witch may be able ascertain its own existence when confronted with the original blue print ie.. the name given at birth
by Spem Tard husband December 30, 2011