1. someone who looks up the word sped online
2. something dumb
1. You're a sped
2. you participate in too much sped activity.
by Beantown_chica November 12, 2004
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A mentally slow person named Hilario Perez who has a five head. Sucks off the teachers for an A
A sped named Hilario gets all the easy classes with Chris
by Hilario’s forehead September 6, 2019
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a person by the name of avery sartin...
damn avery your a sped
by Beepboop24 January 8, 2019
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A word for calling someone stupid,or retarded.
by Ogre Boi March 20, 2019
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Short for Special Education. Can be used as a noun or to describe someone's needs.
I got a job as a Sped para.

I'm in the mild/moderate sped program.

He's mild sped.
by Satirically Cheesy August 6, 2017
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Someone who’s very stupid
-special ed
Ex. Casey is very sped
by Little Uzing Vertical July 19, 2018
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