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The department that serves as a holding place for employees queued to be fired or layed-off.
You better get your act together or you'll wind up sharing an office with Bruce over in Special Projects.
by Godspan May 11, 2010
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The title given to an employee in a corporation that can mean one of two things:
1.) The boss doesn't know what to do with them and is on his way to letting them go.
2.) The boss needs somebody to do all of the seriously boring and repetative tasks that he/she can't be bothered to give to real employees. This usually involves lower pay than everyone as the title is unqualifiable and therefor you cannot demand any specific pay rate.
"Jim, I'm assigning you to the Special Projects position so taht you can take over the metadata project on the 350,000 documents we have on the server."
by Kyle Bellamy December 11, 2006
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