Uncontrollably freaking out (may invole flopping around like an awkward fish or just screaming for no APPARENT reason).
Pete Wentz and Brendon Urie: (approaching) Hey guys, hows it going?


Fangirl 2: Dont worry, she's just spazzing out

Fangirl 2, now realizing that she had just talked to Brendon Urie and Pete Wentz says the following and then faints:

by FANGIRL April 28, 2012
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A slang term from the Great State of Texas meaning a physical or verbal burst of energy with negative or positive intentions.

Most Pimps and Players understand the need to spazz out on these hoes.
by treethemack@gmail.com April 9, 2011
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a) To make a sudden and unplanned movement, a twitch, usually caused by being so stoned u just flinch for no reason and the person sat next to u thinks ur weird.
b) When you have consumed too many drugs/too much alcohol and u blackout on the floor and twitch when you are unconcious. (an epileptic fit is also known as a spazz out)
a) Whoa my leg just spazzed out, Im so stoned.
b) I dont think I should hav...smack, dribble, twitch twitch twitch
by The Daddy March 13, 2003
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Its when you go completely bonkers, if you're mental, or when you have a mental disease. Other times you could be complete retarded
Jonas is crazy that he is going spazz out because he is mental.
by the definer 61 November 2, 2011
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adjective or verb.

used as an adjective to describe something that has gone tempirarily spaztarded but can be quite easily fixed.

used as a verb to show the action of something happening that was not wanted. after something spazzes out, it can be said that that thing is spazzed out.
adjective, : 'dude, you hair is spazzed out, let me sort it.'
verb, : 'sorry i just signed out of msn then, my computer totally spazzed out'
by justmeokay? May 10, 2010
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something that corny people say on a daily basis, it means acting in a foolish or silly way
"look that dude is spazzing out hahahaha"

"bro shut the fuck up ur not funny u corny bitch"
by srthemi August 19, 2023
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