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Uncontrollably freaking out (may invole flopping around like an awkward fish or just screaming for no APPARENT reason).
Pete Wentz and Brendon Urie: (approaching) Hey guys, hows it going?


Fangirl 2: Dont worry, she's just spazzing out

Fangirl 2, now realizing that she had just talked to Brendon Urie and Pete Wentz says the following and then faints:

by FANGIRL April 28, 2012
The act of sticking corn up some one's ass or other region.
On Boku no Sexual Harassment they do some major corn porn.
by FANGIRL December 5, 2004
a 16-year old rapper whose father was a part of run dmc. became well known from his family reality tv show run's house. but he is now making a name for himself and he has reached a million folllowers on twitter, been on three tours in less than a year, sold out show, and his highly anticipated album "unexpected arrival" comes out on march 20th, a day before his birthday. with his fans the "jetsetters" behind him, diggy is going nowhere but up like jetsetters do!
Fan "Did you hear that song "do it like you" on the radio?"

Fan B - "Yeah. I did"

Fan "Isn't it amazing it is by Diggy Simmons?"
by FANGIRL March 4, 2012