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A town located by the border of Alberta its so absolutely boring all the kids end up being skids stuck working at the mine for the rest of their life until have to do a piss test. Sparwood is filled with a bunch of under aged kids who get sloshed each weekend and get fried on the week days eventually only two kids from each grad year will be successful.
each kid no mater how they're raised will eventually smoke weed. and if you are a Hutchinson make sure you don't fuck your cousin.
Sparwood heights kid:where do you live
other sparwood kid :Spardell...
Sparwood heights kid: i feel real bad for you
by Warthorie September 12, 2018
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A small coal mining town in British Columbia, Canada. There is an extreme lack of things to do, which results in most of the teenagers engaging in under-age drinking. Sparwood is such a boring town that I can not think of anything else to add to this definition.

Oh wait the recreation center has awesome mozza fries.
The sign outside of Sparwood coming in:
"Haha suckers, you're in Sparwood!"
by jcad February 01, 2009
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It is derived of 2 words. Spartan and wood. It is the greek word for "Wood as large as a Spartan Warrior"
Holy Bagel Brick! That guy's got a SPARWOOD!
by J-Hoax September 14, 2010
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