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The act of having sex while putting spaghetti into the vagina
Bro you know that hot latina girl, well we spagootered he last night #Spagooter
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by TheMemeGod December 08, 2016
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Spagooter is infinite.

Spagooter is the time of day you get a boner.
Spagooter is the sound you hear when you break wind.

Spagooter is a word used to describe fuck.

But most importantly Spagooter is NOT spaghetti.
"Hey bro, last night you turned into such a spagooter with that chick "

"Holy spagooter it's raining cats and dogs!"

"Grow the fuck up you fucking spagooter"
by The real Spagooter January 10, 2017
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The best kind of pasta. Long, Pale, Italian
Girls love it
Oh man, i just had 2 rounds of spagooter. Fuck yeah
by xXx_PastaLover_xXx June 02, 2016
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