Jill: I think that chick is smoking hot. Is she gay?
Joan: no she's not gay, definitely straight.
Jill: Oh no, maybe she's spagetti
by MisterPink September 23, 2011
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A thin long noodle. Usually thrown against the wall to test tenderness.
On top of spagetti, all covered in cheese.
by Pasta, noodle September 03, 2008
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A girl who is straight... until wet
Guy1: Is she going out with steve?
Guy2: No she dumped him for Amy.
Guy1: I thought she was straight.
Guy2: No, shes a spagetti girl
by Sweet Talker. June 11, 2009
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Having sex with a woman while she is oozing period blood.
My woman didn't want to have sex because she was on her period, but I didn't mind alittle spagetti jousting, so I stuck it in anyways.
by Brandonsdeal October 20, 2006
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So tired your mind is slow prone to mental mistakes.
I'm so spagetti brain that I forgot to ask for a straw for my drink.
by Sleebookeytoteedumboo November 19, 2009
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