The theory behind space docking stems from the act of excreting whilst weightless in space. Once free of the Earths gravitational field it is required that in order to poo without creating a terrible mess and upsetting your fellow astronauts a simple method of cellophane is used in order to capture the poo. This poo is then jettisoned into space...naturally at such low temperatures of deep space the poo in fact freezes. Space docking refers to excreting in cellophane, freezing the turd over night and then using it to provide anal pleasure to whomever requests to be space docked.
No known examples of space docking. Not many people admit to performing the act.
by Docker July 30, 2006
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it is were two people does not matter of gender shit into each others ass or other orpheuses
I space-docked into his ass and he space-docked into mine, I Just love the feel of space-docking
by smart_ass_homie January 04, 2009
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to excrete inside a condom, freeze the condom and then use like a penis to give some one anal plessure.
the man went to his freezer and got the condom he had loaded the night before and "docked" it inside his boyfriends rectum
by dave December 07, 2003
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Is the sexual act of going butt hole to butt hole with someone and taking a shit while forcing it in to the other person

The object is to share the longest turd you can with out breaking
While I was space docking the girl friend she turned on so much we went right into the human centipede
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by In you deep March 01, 2017
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Where a subject poo's into a condom and freezes it. After about 24 hours or so it is taken from the freezer and the condom removed. Then with a little lube it is used as a sex impliment until the warm juices all melt together and the poo regains its normal runny state.
Oi Ho!!! how much for a night of space docking?


Deal! Give me time to fetch the goods from the freezer!
by Smeaves! October 26, 2010
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When two men of which one is circumcised and one is not...engaging in a sexual act of putting the circumcised persons penis inside the foreskin of the uncircumcised persons penis. That is a true space dock
Hey Brandon wanna be my space docking partner?
Brandon is a really good space docking station.
by bubbleebottom November 02, 2014
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