This describes a boy that eats a lot of soy. So much that the boy who eats soy can't enjoy is employ. There are different levels labelled with greek letters, like a omega soy boy might eat soy once a day, a beta soy boy would be someone who eats soy 23 times a day.
Wow, that guys eats a lot of soy, he is a total beta soy boy.
by Cam Man 12 June 20, 2019
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A loser named Alex Howell, who is in the Facebook group called “Let people hate things”. He complains about feminist as if even they would be interested in them. Gassed up girls who wouldn’t even look at him twice. Likes to white knight for women out of his league. Thinks he’s original. Swells in his mother’s basement and is most likely a mouth breather.
Alex Howell is the post child for Soy Boy
by LadyLuger December 15, 2017
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Soy boy is a person who complains about the term soy boy. They tend to act like a pussy and use twitter more than any other social media. They typically have no friends other than the other soy boys on their furry forum.
Soy boy: Dont call my a soy boy please
Other person: Okay Soy boy its a joke
by JZ.GH12 March 22, 2020
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A person who consumes soy products and usually has a man bun and a scarf/skinny jeans. They typically get around on a bicycle but sometimes use a trike or a hover board. Soy Boys are extremely skinny and unmasculine because of all the soy consumption. Some may even grow boobs if enough soy is eaten.
Person 1: I'm gonna go to the human bean and get some iced soy latte coffee and then im gonna go to the co op and buy some farm fresh almond milk and soy beans. After that im gonna go on a nice little ride up into the mountain trails on my bike.

Person 2: Shut the fuck up, soy boy.
by user45 July 30, 2019
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A woke feminist male who lacks masculine features; a pompous girly-man cuck.
Sounds like something a Soy Boy would say when they're butt hurt about how long it's been since they've gotten laid.
by Captain Kabuki January 11, 2020
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Sam: Im a libtard and lack all masculine properties.
Alpha Male: Fuck off sam you soy boy.
by SoyBoyDestroyer August 20, 2019
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