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1. A trio of coworkers constantly trying to one up each other with nonsense stories, which are often fictional.
2. Three individuals who compete at being the laziest and most obnoxious filth to walk the earth.

3. A three person team putting more effort into dodging work than actually doing anything.
Example 1: I hear the Big Three being douche-bags in the break room.
Example 2: The Big Three are currently tied in their competition.
Example 3: The Big Three are wonderful at boondoggling.
Example 4: I got trapped at lunch with the Big Three and wanted to kill myself.
by ambrosia23412 February 02, 2017
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The Big Three were Britain, the United States, and France in WWI. Italy also tagged along but was not considered by many to be one of the Big Three. Many parralells exist between this and it's metaphoric equivalent of certain "large" social groups within a certain school community.
Oh d, look at the Big Three. They're enormous and growing by the day. Look at "Italy" tagging along.
by dasbooty February 02, 2005
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