When you have your nose up the bosses ass and give him a reach around hoping for a promotion you don't deserve.
It's that guy good at his job? Nah he gave his boss a Boynton.
by Eddieeggs January 19, 2017
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Once starred in a low-budget movie, "Hurt". Created the phrase: That was a Boynton, which means; that was a fail. This phrase is mostly used in Western Maine, as the movie was not extremely popular. Her best child-hood friend was Gwynn Zambello. The movies sign was = as she was on the computer much of the time.
"That was a Boynton."
by TWINSYYY2435 April 28, 2009
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A very beautiful and brilliant actress. Plays Mary Austin in the film Bohemian Rhapsody (aka the best movie of all time). Ever since the movie she has been dating Rami Malek (plays Freddie Mercury) and they are the cutest couple on this planet
Wow who was that gorgeous actress in that movie?

Well that’s Lucy Boynton of course!
by CriesforLies June 1, 2019
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a beautiful talented actress, born in january 17, 1994, sweetest woman alive, beautiful, literally a goddess
mom: “who was that actress in ‘bohemian rhapsody?’’

me: *gay panic* that’s lucy boynton
by simp. January 17, 2021
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amazing actress. beautiful, smart, and sweet an actual goddess
mom: who is this actress you keep talking about?

me: *gay panic* lucy boynton
by simp. January 20, 2021
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Boynton Beach is where there was a mall shooting on December 24th 2006. It was all over the news.
Yeah man, he got shot in Boynton Beach over gang related shit.
by Johnson561 December 26, 2006
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An amazing math teacher. The goat of teaching. Best classes with best haircut, his barber must be proud.
"I wish I was good at math, I need Steven Boynton!"
by mrbasedguy June 7, 2023
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