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A metro area in the state of Florida containing Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach county. The region's relationship with the rest of the state is tense. The Northern "Panhandle" region of Florida loathes it because of its heavily Democratic politics, Northern culture, and large Jewish population. South Florida, on the other hand, dislikes much of the rest of the state because its citizens claim too little tax dollars are allotted to the region when their economic impact on the state is taken into account. On multiple occasions, numerous South Florida municipalities have filed motions with the government indicating their wish to secede from the state to create a 51st or considered doing so, including North Lauderdale and Margate. The Conch Republic, a tongue-in-cheek attempt by the Florida Keys to secede from the USA, serves as another example of South Florida's relationship with the rest of the state and national government.
I traveled down to South Florida from Orlando the other day. Everyone here either speaks Spanish or has a New York accent!
by dsmkrt July 03, 2009

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