1. When sour crout and apple sauce are mixed together.

2. Often an exclaim when something is dropped or messed up.
1. "Hey, I just made some sour crapple sauce, if you want any?"
2. "(Sour) crapple sauce! That was not supposed to end up on the ground!"
by Discombobulation Kat August 29, 2017
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Where a person of age has grown impatient, lazy and thus selfish due to understanding how the world works
My father has grown "Sour Aged"
by Ass_Pounder October 5, 2020
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The week in the African calendar when you can't drink coffee. It makes your week very sour and leaves you feeling very lethargic, so they call it sour week
Na Devise, I can't drink because i'm doing sour week
by Daar Bhaat August 8, 2016
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A batch of jenkem made and seasoned with lemon smuggled from the chow hall.
I cant wait for steve to finish this batch of sour pile so i can get high as fuck.
by Sour pile May 31, 2017
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Stone Sour is an Alternative Metal band from Des Moines, Iowa and the Second band of Slipknot Frontman Corey Taylor
by LtManiax February 18, 2017
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