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Soule's are truly lovable, kindhearted, funny, and gorgeous. with similes as bright the sun, the will lighten any mood , in a second. They often struggle with balancing their own problems with others, always putting others before themselves. If you have a Soule' you have everything to lose if you push them away. Keeping the close to your heart will be a treasure hard to find among anyone else. You will truly find a safe place, in the words of Soule'.
Man that soule' is truly beautiful!
Wow, did you see that Soule'.
by Royals Idi0t February 11, 2018
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1. Old french province

2. Slang french term for drunk

3. A sort of common french last name
1. I lived in the Soulé province of France

2. Hey, lets go get Soulé

3. That is that crazy Soulé family!
by Siddog July 06, 2008
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The stank that comes from anal sex with a skank
When they were done, it took days for the soules to leave the room.
by капитан June 04, 2019
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