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A country person with a backwards mentality. A person who ignores street sense and makes their actions sound fly when it isn't.

Terms someone who's "souf" would use:

1) It ain't trickin if you got it. (Wrong. You got it and your tricking it off)

2) Ima REAL nigga! (But your white friend says nigga?)

3) I didn't snitch, I just told the truth.
Sentence: It ain't tricking if you got it! Reply:Shut your SOUF azz up!
by phe3 October 05, 2013
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where i be liven and dan lives in the dirty dirty souf!!!
by eric frost June 07, 2003
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me - You have have to promise not to tell anyone ok?
her- I swear!
me- Souf?
her- Of course,
by rajmang113 February 24, 2009
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A nigga who rocks polo 24/7 and treats girls with respeck . He's the type of guy that will eat his hot pocket then eat ya pussy later on. don't fuck with this nigga because he will beat your ass and take your bitch.
by king_dave718 April 15, 2017
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