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By far the douchiest city in Quebec, and is high in the running for the douchiest in Canada. Everyone is broke as shit yet they all own boats and suped-up cars. You won't find a place in the world with more barbed-wired tatoos per-capita. Sorel is also second only to New Jersey for fake nail wearing broads with too much make-up.
Me: I was in Sorel the other day and I saw this douchebag in a wife beater trying to push his Civic up a hill to the gas station.

Friend: Did you give him a hand?

Me: Eew, fuck no.
by delcote March 03, 2011
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The fourth oldest town in Canada, Sorel is a small suburban town in Quebec, an hour's drive north east of Montreal.
Sorel was recently fused with its rival town, Tracy.

Sorel is a shitty town with over 95% of the population consisting of white francophone racists. Rearrange the letters in Sorel and you get the word loser.
(in french) "Hey man, I saw a black guy today!" "Wow! Really? Is it true what they say about their skin colour really being black?"

"I'm bored. Let's separate Quebec from Canada to spark years of controversy and hate from other Canadians."
by Steve August 30, 2004
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Sorel is the most beautiful, amazing girl in the world. She's got talent, she's got charisma, she's got love to last the ages. She always makes you giggle, and she's sweet as sugar. Her eyes are one of the most enchanting things possessed by any being, and the power she has over you is welcomed and loving. Her eyes hold depth and magic, and more importantly are the key to seeing her love. She will keep you on your toes, and make you feel like your life is worth more than just living. You always love the Sorel.
I love Sorel, she's so adorable and caring and gentle. I want her to spend her life with me.
by loverboy1311 December 25, 2017
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