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To shoot a gap. Refers to the sound made when cutting it close. Often accompanies a huge adrenaline rush. Originates from track when a runner passes between 2 other runners, and recently has made its way into common usage.
SOOP!! (while shooting a gap)

Did you see that? I sooped so hard on that final turn.

Hurry up and soop or that car will nail you, bro.
by mr. runsalot January 18, 2011
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A phonetical spelling of the Canadian pronunciation of "sup", meaning "what's up".
As the maple syrup farmer said "soop" as his friend entered the house with a 2-4 of Blue.
by jojep February 26, 2014
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To create or drink a soup composed of alcohol and marijuana.
Unbeknownst to the teacher, Julia would soop her ass off in Home Ec.
by xymoses April 23, 2003
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kool, awesome, rad, mad, knarley all in one work :)
"omg that car is totally sooped out:.

"her dress is so soop dnt you think".

by Josie & shea September 15, 2008
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a cross between "sorry" and "oops".
used when apologising for an accident.
(girl knocks boy over)
girl: soops!
boy: s'okay.
by e. hooper May 08, 2008
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a greeting given to someone you concider less cool than yourself. abbreviation of "wassup"
Pinky: Guy! Soop?!
Guy: not much howz you
Pinky: bye
by Pinky997 November 10, 2006
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