To shoot a gap. Refers to the sound made when cutting it close. Often accompanies a huge adrenaline rush. Originates from track when a runner passes between 2 other runners, and recently has made its way into common usage.
SOOP!! (while shooting a gap)

Did you see that? I sooped so hard on that final turn.

Hurry up and soop or that car will nail you, bro.
by mr. runsalot January 19, 2011
How I spelled soup when I was four
Homemade soup that is quite good
Person 1: oh look some soop
Person 2: you mean good homemade soup
Person 1: that's what I said
Person 3: that's how I spelled soup when I was four

Person 5:where did person 4 go
Person 4: how do you know how someone spelled something they said
Person 3: I don't know
by Dust Might February 26, 2022
Sooping is used by British paedophiles as a code word or expression for the act of bumming a girl under the age of 14.
by HOOPINGQUEEN February 18, 2011
derived from Sup, which is derived from What's Up. Used by only the most in tune youth, on messaging or in conversation, pronounced like the word 'soup'. The really amazingly cool people will use this happy coincedence as an amusing play on the word, by putting a variety of soup in front of it.
Hey, soop.
Nothing much.

Yo, vegetable soop.
Im going to Derek's party. Coming?
Nah. he is so not fucking doctor who.
by CowPidgin November 18, 2006
Sooped has more than one meaning:

when someone is gassed up

when someone does something that makes them get excited about themselves. Big headed in other words
-Diego is sooped about his looks.

-Chris is sooped about his ability to dance.

-Monica is sooped about her new jean jacket.

-Sandra is sooped about Columbia.
by Sarah November 16, 2003
Sorry, I’m late, I had the soops
by TFCB June 4, 2019
Sexting whilst pooping. The act of sexting on your phone... whilst pooping.
Johnny: "Yo baby check out my dick." *Sends pic*
Jane: "Nice! What is that in the background?"
Johnny: "Oh that's just my shit. I'm totally sooping you right now."
by Sooper68 April 15, 2013