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An Australian slang word from the early to mid 20th century meaning to set the dogs to attack onto something such as a rabbit or vermin.

In a modern context, a low brow word used by journalists in Australia for lack of a dictionary or competency, or to provide a derogatory tone to a context.

Similar phrases include "sicking", "seeking" and "sooking" - all in the context of getting a dog into a state of excitement to pursue a foe - visible or not.
Jill Thelander said the first thing she saw when she came out of the Narrabeen Sands Hotel was her husband on his hands and knees in the car park, about to be kicked in the head by a bouncer.

Within minutes, she had been confronted by a security guard who "sooled" a Rottweiler on to her, and had received bites to her elbow and back, the District Court heard.

The Queensland Opposition issued a statement today saying "Bligh sools solicitors onto Gubi Gubi people over Native Title"

"Rex!! Sool 'em"

Mick: " <can of Aussie Brand Beer etc opening>"

Merve: "....Bloody hell cobba your dog roolly sooled those rabbits.."

Mick "yeah....nah....mate. Fackin sooled 'em proper mate"

Merve "Still good eatin' but"

Mick "yeah....nah....yeah mate. More beer ?".

Merve "F'n Oath mate. When you reckon the Brizzo swamp will dry out? Not good mate. Not good."
by Dr Reason December 31, 2010
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