A guy that plays Combat Arms. He has a really cool name and really cool hair. He can become best buddies with everyone, but especially me. Word. He's viet. NGUYENNGUYENNGUYEN. Best buds for life fo sho.
Sonny is my best friend.
by MyPuzzle August 19, 2010
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Sonny is a word for sexy boy and also is a very well used as getting all the girls and likes to wear gold and chains.
Sonny is getting all the girls.
That Sonny over there is sexy
by December 10, 2020
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has an Afro, shouts a lot and starts for no reason, don’t be a sonny
β€˜Don’t do a sonny, had enough from afro’
by stupidlittletwat May 03, 2019
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A hot Indian guy who all girls love. Sonny can be refered to as THE MAN. He is Guju and Indian. No one in the world is like him. Every guy wishes to be Sonny because of his great looks, skills, and the attraction of women to him.
Sonny is better than anyone, take that as a warning.
by Sonny Shah January 25, 2006
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Sonny is everybodys dad. If u dont believe him ask him ur self.

he pays child support for everybody in the world even though u dont know it.
OMG there goes Sonny "MY DAD" lets go get our child support
by jackles April 21, 2008
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Sonny is a boy who plays Minecraft 25/8, he loves tonkonstu noodles and loves building race cars out of empty plastic bottles. Also enjoys annoying the shit out of you and will just not stop talking.
Person: says anything at all.
Sonny: so do you want to play Minecraft.
by Boba ho August 01, 2019
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