That moment when you put down all your Pokemon cards and realise there's titties out there
KEVIN: Did you hear? Ben just hit puberty.!

ALEX: Finally, I have been waiting for his Pokemon collection for years.
by Outoftowntaco June 30, 2014
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Acne, mood swings, obsessive sexual desires, wet dreams, menstruation, breasts, hair everywhere, penis enlargement. Basically the hell I'm going through before I can become an adult.
by LiftedStarfish November 30, 2015
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Gods way of testing young people between 12-18 to see if theyre worthy of adulthood, very few are chosen.
Young men who have not made the puberty transition may become vile and hostile a few run out on the streets stark naked doing backflips all while filming themsleves and getting a show on MTV.
by *Dee* February 5, 2006
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That time in a parent's life where they start to notice that their water bill starts to increase as their big load of joy of a teenager starts aging.

They refuse to believe that's the reason why but it's true, puberty can get expensive.

(if you're still unsure of why this is happening,it's because your son/daughter masturbates frequently in the shower)
Mother: God donut rick! Our water bill is twice as much as it was last month! Is this a mistake?!

Father: Hunny... it's puberty.
by Hart07 August 26, 2014
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time in the life of a guy where he experiences multifunction penis frequently resulting in addictive behavior or frequent nocturnal emissions concomitantly magnifying interest in women

period wherein orgasm pleasure increases in duration and intensity every few weeks, ejaculation distance broadens while the penis expands in length and circumference, growth in ball volume, height, and weight, deepening of voice. For some this requires an upgrade from boxers to boxer briefs.
puberty yields a growth in physical and metaphysical dimensions
by Matters Expansive November 7, 2012
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The process of a male or female around there teens or pre teens, go through a change where hormones change some of the body's functions such as height, sexual organs, thoughts and so on and so forth. Also, it goes different for everbody so it can start as early as 10 or as late as maybe 14. Another change should be that you get "stinkier." because your sweat glands open up, and hair will grow every where excluding the places where it cant such as the feet, lips, eyelid and all of that.
kid 1: hey, my friend is acting really strange.... i wonder what is happening to him...

kid 2: well maybe he is going through puberty which makes him embarrassed be cause he gets erections whenever.

kid 1: oh ok.... so thats why

kid 2 yeah... dont worry though it'll happen to you too
by lololol :D June 5, 2009
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