The Ex-lead singer of From First to Last. He is now pursuing a solo career, in Classical / Electronica / Electro. (as it says on his new myspace.)
by Kat11 November 20, 2007
Sonny Moore is the EX-lead singer of From First to Last. Now is pursuing a solo career after leaving the band.
Check the bands myspace for more info. and Sonny Moore's myspace for his new music.

by desiree1990 March 16, 2007
The lead singer of the band From First to Last, also known as FFTL. He has a large set of lungs on him for being 17, and also being a midget. If I didn't know who he was, I would've thought he was a cookie elf. Yes, he is that short. He's also known for wearing chick pants and massive amounts of eyeliner. All in all, it seems to pay off since almost every teenage girl is swooning over him since he's not legal yet and they can bang him without it looking like another Jilary scandal.
Sonny Moore dresses like a chick, but a hot one nonetheless.
by Staci March 11, 2005
The former lead singer of FFTL, he has left the band to pursue a solo career, making electronica music.
Sonny Moore has left FFTL. But don't worry, FFTL are still together, With Matt Good taking vocals and a new bass player.
by Jonnyfatal March 10, 2007
lead singer of band : from first to last.
the hottest guy alive.
sometimes with pink hair, sometimes with black.
wears eyeliner & dark clothing.
sonny moore, derek bloom, travis richter and matt good are all in the band from first to last.
by jocerr May 26, 2006
lead singer of the band from first to last. is notouriously short (5'4) and has a slight nose problem, but he's still dead sexy. every (girl or gay) fan of fftl would like to have his children; unfortunately, he's legal (turned 18 in January.) has snakebites and wears more make-up than almost any other girl.
dayummn, that's sonny moore walking down the street!
by molly jerkk March 25, 2006
Sonny Moore is the lead vocals from the awesome scream-o band From First To Last, that originates from Florida and California. And all I can say is that he owns your ass. And he looks like my best friend.
Sonny Moore owns your ass.
by Vanessa February 2, 2005