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Adorable spiky rodent creature that is quite small. Also tends to ram itself into small tube like structures such as McDonalds cups and toilet paper tubes.
I want all Hedgehogs their so adorable.
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by A Human Male October 18, 2018
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A subspecies of Saiyan found on earth. Unlike the ones found on Planet Vegeta, these Saiyans resemble a shrew with spikes on it's back. They are extremely fast and will tell people that they're too slow. They can go Super Saiyan when exposed to 7 chaos emeralds.
I have a pet hedgehog. His name is Sonic. He ran away and told me I'm too slow.
by Memetic Man August 05, 2010
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v. To attempt (and/or to accomplish) self-felattio (also used as a gerund)
I came home early and saw my son and all his friends hedge hogging by the pool. They said, "It isn't gay if you suck your own dick."
by Dark Mozier September 24, 2009
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A hedgehog is a small thing with prickles on it.
David Attenborough: As you can see, the wild hedgehog waddles from place to place. Note its prickles: sharp objects that act as a defence mechanism against whales.
by T Barker April 23, 2013
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A person who loves eating pussy through heavy bush.
My boy, Jesse, is such a hedgehog; he choked on his woman's bush and the paramedics had to be called.
by cacticards January 06, 2015
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Although rarely used, it is also known as the tank barriers used by the Germans in World War II. These large, heavy, spikey barriers are mostly known for their use in Normandy, France on D-Day (june 6,1944)
He took cover behind the hedgehog as bullets pelted the sand around him.
by Silent Ricochet April 19, 2006
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