A fictional character who embodies the content creator that made it, short for persona
“That artist has twelve different sonas”
by Jerry from State Farm December 30, 2019
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Sona's are very caring girls, who always try to do their best in everything. They will always be friendly to everyone, whether or not they like them. She may choose some people over other's and she may be biased but she is very lovely.
P1: Hi Sona
Sona: Hi
P2: Ew, Sona, you don't even like her.
Sona: Who gives a damn?
by vikstoria January 2, 2018
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An extremely GEOURGEOUS girl. Stunning, charming, and adorable all at once. A girl that everyone wants to be. Always smiling, laughing and having fun. Great at sports and very athletic. A really amazing person. Funny and smart. Enjoys life
example: Sona is just so pretty, smart, aring and everything else i would want in a girl...shes so finnnne
by monkeylady26 March 14, 2012
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A representation of yourself as a human character, typically with a reference of a sort. Can be either an idealized version (ex funny, happy and charismatic) or realistic to yourself (ex a slob, depressed and socially awkward)

A subterm for this word is fursona, which is more specific for an anthro character.
Friend: Hey could I see your sona?
Me: Sure, but she's really bad.
by PenguLePenguin November 9, 2018
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SEXY, GIRL. great body, stunner, brunette, dreamy eyes, perfect in every single way. The one everyone wants to be
Ohhhh i wish i was like Sona everyone just ADORES HER
by a guy who loves sona March 14, 2012
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Apart from their beauty and stunning facial features, Sona’s are amazing girls who have an outgoing and optimistic personality, they are straight forward and will tell you how it is.
They don’t take shit and are the very confident type who stands up for themselves and people they care about no matter what.
Sona’s don’t care about what people think and are usually the type to get along with everyone but avoids problematic people.
They are very caring people who are naturally generous when you get to know them as a friend.

They are the type that a lot of people want to be and are very social and influential.

These girls are definitely bad bitches😩
Sona is so pretty I love her outfit!”
“Sona is so confident omg”
sona is swag fr
by Yourmomsfav<3 November 22, 2021
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Sona is the best person you will ever meet. She is loving and caring. She has a sweet tooth. Never stop being friends with her. But she might like ariana grande too much.
Sona your the best
by Ariana G. June 21, 2022
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