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Sona's are very caring girls, who always try to do their best in everything. They will always be friendly to everyone, whether or not they like them. She may choose some people over other's and she may be biased but she is very lovely.
P1: Hi Sona
Sona: Hi
P2: Ew, Sona, you don't even like her.
Sona: Who gives a damn?
by vikstoria January 01, 2018
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An extremely GEOURGEOUS girl. Stunning, charming, and adorable all at once. A girl that everyone wants to be. Always smiling, laughing and having fun. Great at sports and very athletic. A really amazing person. Funny and smart. Enjoys life
example: Sona is just so pretty, smart, aring and everything else i would want in a girl...shes so finnnne
by monkeylady26 March 13, 2012
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SEXY, GIRL. great body, stunner, brunette, dreamy eyes, perfect in every single way. The one everyone wants to be
Ohhhh i wish i was like Sona everyone just ADORES HER
by a guy who loves sona March 13, 2012
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a contemporary music performance ensemble; the rock band popular in the United States locale of Pennsylvania (incl New York, Maryland, New Jersey, etc.). SONA (sometimes written as ‘sona’, ‘Sona’, or as at™, "sOna+US" (with US in square brackets, appended to the name with a '+' sign) for disambiguation, to distinguish the American rock band, sOna, from the Japanese pop singer, ‘Sona’), are based out of State College, PA, 16801 USA (aka “Happy Valley”; “Penn State ‘main campus’”; “University Park”; “PSU at ‘U.P.’ university park”.

A group of Penn State students-- diehard sona fans, native to the Middle-East-- nicknamed the five sona band-members as ‘the Golden boys’, allegedly for the literal translation of "sona" in their native tongue.

SONA, the rock band ensemble were musicians Alec Russo, Brian Lubrecht, Greg Folsom, Jeff Sabarese, and Scott Everhart. Support personnel included sound engineer, Eric ‘Z’ Rozzi, and visual effects by ___. Sona management was Todd Koym, and Stacey Dorang. Sona recorded at Saturation Acres

A thoughtfully constructed search engine query should produce results containing SONA media (e.g. mp3's, imagery) available for no cost.
According to WQWK FM radio's daily listener votes, ‘Birdsong’, the premier sona single release maintained the #1 position, consecutively, for weeks.
by ajaxStardust November 24, 2011
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