3 definitions by Jerry from State Farm

A form of post-ironic shitposting involving deppressing themes and a semi verbose style that would be legitimately depressing if it weren't for an element of absurd humor element added in
The emotional whiplash I got from watching Gondola sadposting videos launched me into the fourth demension and allowed to ascend past godhood
by Jerry from State Farm August 13, 2017
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A member of a series' or game's fandom who roots for villain and hates the heroes. They will usually try to start an argument or play devil's advocate until some one starts it for them.
Normal fandom member: "I hope the hero survives this scene"
Fandom imperialist: *writing a twenty page essay on why the hero is the biggest cunt in existence*
by Jerry from State Farm July 3, 2017
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A fictional character who embodies the content creator that made it, short for persona
“That artist has twelve different sonas”
by Jerry from State Farm December 30, 2019
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