Not to be confused with "Something".
Someshit refers to a thing that is utterly stupid or irrelevant to a specific topic.

Used in a state of absolute confusion or anger.

A someshit is what you don't want to talk about or not in a mood to.
"They'll name their kid after his dad or someshit."

"He didn't give me details, only vague shady someshit!"

"Someshit is going on with my neighbor, so, I had to act like an adult and ask what's going on "
by The Zaidist Zaidasexual Zaid. December 4, 2021
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Means "something."

A simple and wholesome way to get more swearing into your diet.
So do you wanna come over and watch a movie or someshit?
by shintriad July 6, 2006
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An alternative to the word something, which allows the user to add unnecessary swearing into their vocabulary.
I don't know what she said, someshit about a party.
by Lexii- January 7, 2008
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She was always complaining about her past relationships or someshit.
by BillyB2112 July 26, 2011
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