1. Dark and gloomy: Lacking light or brightness and producing a dull, dark, or melancholy atmosphere.

2. Dark in color: Having a color or tone that is dark, dull, or suitable for a serious mood or occasion.

3. Serious and melancholy: Marked by or conveying strict seriousness combined with sadness or a troubled state of mind.

NOTE: Somber is the Canadian and UK spelling of this word. The American version is 'sombre'. The word originated from the Dutch word 'somber', which means about the same.

A somber song, depressing and without variety.
by Jafje March 31, 2007
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Those people that are not emos but aren't hardcore either, the ones in the middle that listen to soft indie music and look like they live on a farm.
Glasses + Depeche Mode + horrible laugh + checkered shirt + artsy= somber
by Captain O. October 4, 2009
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A nigga who like syrup way too much
"Wow you're such a Somber"
by Tomthebomb is a nigga August 12, 2020
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Someone who renounces his or her citizenship to a specific country. Give them the power to follow no laws or rules.
Cop: Sir you just ran a red light.
Driver : I’m a somber citizen and don’t have to follow yalls shitty laws, bruh
by J1234P March 31, 2019
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An amazing metal band located in Bergen County New Jersey. Please visit our website which is now ofsomberblood.qn.com and it will soon be ofsomberblood.com
Dude, Of Somber Blood kicks ass!
by Jon Marsh April 22, 2004
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The 7th track on Blue October's album The Answers, released in 1998
Have you heard the song Sweet and Somber Pigeon Wings
by Shadowplay7624 August 26, 2009
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"Why can't I get a decent man?"

"Maybe you should stop bumpin that somber sway!"
by ianswerit January 29, 2010
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