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One who`s down for whateva.One who`s ready to die, be able to make it through in the streets and in constant scuffles with the law, and succeeds in livin the lavrish life that everybody wants.As described in Young jeezy`s track "Soul Survivor"
Ed: Yo G, you see how Lil homeboy Dwayne was pulled out from tha projects up to tha way he`s now rottin clean on em thangs

Mikey: Straight up man,he`s a soul survivor fa-sho
by livon July 07, 2008
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An awesome camp to hang out with the homies, meet girls 😏😏learn about God and have a great time!
Me: “Hey Bill, are you going to Soul survivor this year”

Bill: “definitely! I’m hoping to hang out with the homies there”

Me: “Nice! I may, God willing, meet a girl”
by JustOneOfTheHomies June 04, 2018
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