Girl: I think your my sole mate!
Boy: God I hope not, you cant even spell it right. Its S-O-U-L mate.
by spock <3 <3 June 7, 2009
A one-legged person who shares the same shoe size as another one-legged person but has the opposite foot missing, so that the two can share a pair of shoes between them. Term coined by amputee motivational speaker Josh Sundquist.
Stephen bought a new pair of sneakers, but since he only has a left foot, he gave the right shoe to his sole mate Josh, who only has a right foot.
by ManiaMan88 March 12, 2017
The perfect partner for a foot fetishist. Either a partner who shares their love of feet, or enjoys being the object of their fetish.
When Kate told me she loved having her feet worshipped, I knew I'd found my sole mate.
by Barefoot Tom March 8, 2010
Falling hard for someone who you thought you never would.
Being absolutely certain but not quite in the existing moment.
"He thought she was his one and only sole mate."


"She thought she was his only sole mate but she was wrong."
by ~jobella~ April 30, 2008
from louis’ perspective- (i was caught fonding over my sole-mate harry styles one again on telly vision)