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*Your significant other*.*The person you can't live without*.*The person you see yourself with for life*.The greatest feeling one can know when it is reciprocated.Can hurt like hell when its not or when one is not true.
~I am so in love you.I just can't imagine myself without you.You are my life partner.I promise to forever love,honor,and cherish you for eternity............~
by ~jobella~ April 30, 2008
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Definition #1.Being so in love that
you feel sick when your
apart from the other
Definition #2.Sick of love.Being hurt
before and having very
little hope for it.
Good example would be
"So Sick" by Ne-Yo.
1."I feel so love sick when he's away
from me."

2."I am sick.....love sick."
by ~jobella~ April 30, 2008
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pretty HOT and TEMPTING.

90.9999999999924348358050232943% of the authors on
urban dicktionary consider themselves !pHaT!
Damn!!Dang!!That bitch is pHaT!!
Damn!!Dang!!That guy is pHaT!!
by ~jobella~ April 30, 2008
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Falling hard for someone who you thought you never would.
Being absolutely certain but not quite in the existing moment.
"He thought she was his one and only sole mate."


"She thought she was his only sole mate but she was wrong."
by ~jobella~ April 30, 2008
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