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A one-legged person who shares the same shoe size as another one-legged person but has the opposite foot missing, so that the two can share a pair of shoes between them. Term coined by amputee motivational speaker Josh Sundquist.
Stephen bought a new pair of sneakers, but since he only has a left foot, he gave the right shoe to his sole mate Josh, who only has a right foot.
by ManiaMan88 March 12, 2017
A failed attempt to improve a tried-and-true idea by putting your own spin on it. Derived from the concept that in the Twilight series, vampires sparkle like a disco ball in the sunlight rather than burning up.
Friend one: Dude, I've got this great idea for a website! It's like facebook, but with embedded MP3's.

Friend two: sounds like a disco ball vampire.
by ManiaMan88 October 16, 2010