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1) Short for; " That is ok "
2) Short for; " It is ok "


1) Connected as; it-is-ok ==> Soke !
A: " i'm sorry "
B: " soke "
by ClaesCc November 05, 2007
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A girl who has big boobs, a nice ass, amazing at twerking, very beautiful and sexy and overall just fucking amazing both inside and outside bed.
Damn!! That girl I was with last night was a soke
by Sir Daek June 01, 2015
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A "Soke" monster that lives in the basement of his grandparents. His diet consists of "chez" which is spread cheese and "grados" which is grape soda pop.

His main feature is his one giant orange glowing ball. It is a symbotic realationship. The ball being the greater of the 2. The ball is anywhere from 30cm-2meters in diameter. It may be be highly voliatle.

The mating call is called the "wagahhhh" which is a low to high pitch growel that originates from the ball we believe.

His only defense is his giant ball. Sadly it is also his only weakness. He is believed to be a genatic project from the military gone aray.
Be wary of the Soke, his ball may attack.
by The Gang June 01, 2004
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