Southern New Jersey, near the Atlantic Ocean, and the metropolitian area of Philadelphia.
All of us from Sojo just go over to Philadelphia when we're bored, but going to New York City is made out to be some huge event.
by Myndi December 14, 2005
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a bottle of liquor in korea that kicks ur ass and it only costs 1 fuckin dollar 1 dollar=trashed
after i drank the sojo i played with my rafkin haha
by B-RizZlE November 16, 2004
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The father of the nonaffluent character, Han Solo. Sojo is played by the illustrious Sean Connery, in this captivating roll.
by 100% Nicker August 4, 2018
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"Sojo" or "सोजो" in Nepali means "Innocent"
by SojoTaku January 26, 2022
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