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An Arab name that means moon. It is given to the hottest human to ever grace earth. He has a huge dick that can penetrate everything in its way. Males and females are vastly attracted to Sohail. The word can be used in any context at any time, no matter what scenario you are put in.
Example 1
Karim: I am so bored what should I do

Dado: Just open Sohail's instagram and enjoy yourself

Example 2
Karim: What do you guys want to do?

Dado: Sohail

Karim: What do you want to eat?

Dado: Sohail
by Dadoopriv June 30, 2018
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Someone who is HOTTT with a HOTTT BODY!!!
"omg is that sohail? he's soooo yummy"
by Sohail May 04, 2005
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Sohail is literally a god. Sohail is hella attractive and is beloved by all. Sohails cock is 500 Miles long and is hella cool.

Sohails are known for being good at everything and being friends with short Filipino, and Japanese kids.
Person 1: is that Sohail?

Person 2: yes, I want him inside of me!

Person 1: me too
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A word used to describe somebody who's full of himself and is at the top of society. A symptom of being a "sohail" is claiming preposterous things, such as creating the english language or eating a banana in one bite.

Symptoms Include:
1. Using the words 'bum' or 'dingus' (sohail actually created these words)
2. Having an amazing taste in fashion
3. Submitting words on Urban Dictionary to boost his self esteem

Treatments vary
You're such a Sohail for doing that to Jenny!
by OrgasmicUnicorn90210 November 08, 2017
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Soneone full of there own self importance. Can usually be found in a high powered vehicle to make up for there tiny pecker.
Oh look theres a 3.0L BMW must contain a Sohail!
by WaWaWaWaWaROB June 29, 2017
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