used to describe a type of rapper who is too clean cut to rap about bitches, blunts, bling, cars, guns, and/or yayo. Usually has undeserved smug viewpoint of self.

Often fronting on some esoteric bullshit like being from outer space, pondering whether God is a she, or writing an entire album about dreaming.

Responsible for the decline of hardcore rap and the rise of rappers like Drake
man, lupe fiasco's newest joint is way too soft serve for me. it's makin my penis soft!
by all shitley September 13, 2011
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Moving ones hips in a circular motion while expelling extremely soft stool, the product of which is a pile of tightly coiled excrement that has the appearance of soft serve ice cream.
Marsha laid down and smiled as John stood over her face and gave her a soft serve.
by A.T. y'all March 15, 2011
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Sean: "Man I have to drop out of the race"
Brandon: "Your being real soft serve, if you go to a soft serve ice cream machine, there is chocolate, vanilla, and Sean."
by Seany Boii March 30, 2007
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When a man attempts to have intercourse with you, without being fully erect. Usally occurs after consuming mass quantities of alcohol and/or illegal drugs.
" How did it go with Phil last night?"

"Things were getting really hot, then he tried to give me a soft serve. I got dressed and left."
by Sister Golden Hair Suprise January 12, 2010
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