When a man jerks off another man onto his genitals to use as soap after anal sex.
After tapping the sewage line Sam used Escobar as a Soap Dispenser to clean himself off before getting head.
by TheSewageAuthority March 17, 2011
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it's when a girl smokes way too much when she's a teenager, so she gets throat cancer by the age of 20. they have to cut the hole in her throat that you see in those creepy commercials. then, a guy will make her deepthroat him, and when he cums, it comes out of the hole and drips down her neck.
I did the soap dispenser to a new chick that I met at a bar. She didn't have her voice box thingy on her, but I still got her too give me head, and when I busted a nutt it came out like a soap dispenser. when she found her voice box thingy, she told me her name was ivory, ohh the irony
by E FeAzY May 9, 2009
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What your stupid ass grandma gets you for Christmas, when all you ask for is a VISA gift card because you are a poor college kid in desperate need of a new computer for school.
Hey C, what did you get for Christmas? Well T, I got a fucking soap dispenser. It looks like a Christmas penguin so I can't even use it all year 'round!
by xmas-h8er December 25, 2009
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When ejaculated in the participant's anus tell them to Bend over (rub hands together) wait till the load comes out like soap & rub it in like you're washing your hands with soap.
I gave her the dirty soap dispenser then I dried my hands off using her face.
by @HotSaucePapi April 9, 2015
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Similar to "feeding the pony", it's the action involved when you're finger-banging some lucky 'gal...
guys chatting on the bus home, post-coital
"Soooo man, I saw you making out with that swamp donkey, I hope you bagged it before dunkin' it"
"You serious, I wouldn't touch THAT with my thang. Just resorted to using the soap dispenser on her instead, to deal with the awkwardness. She was a "two pumps, followed by a foamy blast" kinda dispenser"
by Poppa Stuey June 25, 2014
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Usually performed alone when extremely bored, curious and/or mentally challenged. 'Soap Dispenser' is the act of a man or woman deciding to lie on their back with their ass against the wall, then vigorously masturbating until climax. They will then proceed to wipe their cum all over their face.
Me: "Why didn't Elena come into work today?"
Luke: "She walked in on her step-son doing the soap dispenser and nobody's heard from her for days."
by SlapMeWithThatWetDickDaddy December 26, 2015
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sexual practice; the act of ejaculating into a person's mouth who also happens to have a tracheostomy; the ejaculate dripping out of the cancer hole resembles a soap dispenser

optional: use the 'soap' to wash hands afterwards
Bradley wasn't particularly sad about Catherine's throat cancer diagnosis, as he finally had the chance to perform the soap dispenser.
by SoapW!zard March 7, 2017
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