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Chief of the simp communities

Or “SIMPNEE” community of Sydney goodman

Best thing IGN ever gave the boys was Sydnee Goodman
Friggyk: chief of simpnee enterprises checking in, 🤙

The boys: all hail lord friggyk and the queen

Friggyk is the leader of the simps
by Gibbygeo February 12, 2022
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Upcoming book about batjune (junior grimes Batman) who ends up traveling through timelines or alternate universes where he encounters batfleck (ben affleck Batman) AND the beloved Nolan Batman (Christian bale Batman) as batjune must stop the evil WB studios from destroying all of the multiverse.
Batjune is the main protagonist of said book who regards Nolan Batman and batfleck as the GOAT who act as mentors to the younger Batman.

Batman into the snyderverse is DCs into the spiderverse

The most anticipated comic book is almost here “Batman into the snyderverse”
by Gibbygeo February 11, 2022
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Chesticles often envies what the young son can accomplish in half the time that anyone else tries to

Chesticles has Chesticles, nuff said
by Gibbygeo February 12, 2022
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A true hero, former atheist turned Christian that isn’t afraid to expose Islam and it’s facadereligion of peace
David wood is the greatest to have ever happened

David wood > most Christian apologists
by Gibbygeo February 12, 2022
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the act of “insert action” to poachy smalls, it can mean a variety of things so long as it’s applying to the beak aka “poachy”

Ie, to fulfill a task with Poachy or complete an assignment with the aid of poachy/ receiving her help to complete a task

To “fill in the beaks” is , well, TO FILL IN THE BEAKS !
I be blastin that ass like a beak
Make ya poach squeak

Help me clap them cheeks
So I can fill in the beaks

Guy 1: man I gotta finish that philosophy exam, I better fill in the beaks

*calls a chicken over the phone*

“If you are to pass that test you best fill in the beaks”

Without the beak one cannot fill in the beaks
by Gibbygeo February 11, 2022
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