The ultimate kino director. Responsible for the brilliant screen adaptations of graphic novel masterpieces 300 and Watchmen. Plebs will hate on him for allegedly ruining the DCEU. Also did a remake of George A. Romero's Dawn of the Dead, a weird owl movie I haven't seen, and wrote an original screenplay that sucked.

Zack Snyder has a vision, executes the vision, and doesn't give a single fuck what you think about it.
Normie: “Wanna go see the new Avengers movie?"
Intellectual: "No thanks, I'd rather stay home and watch true kino. Like a Zack Snyder film"
by thatoneuglykid January 07, 2019
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The ultimate comic book movie director. Suffers from major spinal problems for singlehandedly carrying the entire DCEU on his fucking back. Responsible for many brilliant and well plotted adaptations of comic characters. Zack Snyder is loved by all who favor movies with substance, characters given actuality, and a well piloted plot. And he is hated by people who can't handle movies that require actual logic and reasoning..

With the release of ZSJL, Zack Snyder as a verb means to make a movie or anything more epic. To give it value, meaning and soul.
"Dragon Age 2 writer reveals everything he would fix about Bioware 's Divisive Sequel."
"If you could Zack Snyder DA2, what would you change?"


Guy 1: "Man, the reboot of that new superhero movie was so good. So much better than the original."
Guy 2: "Yup, agreed. They totally Zack Snyder'd the reboot."
by Imagine Dragonlings April 28, 2021
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The definition of a philosophical and enlightened director. Zack Snyder is responsible for creating the most innovative and thought provoking films known to men. His realistic, religious, and philosophical movies are too much for the average person to decipher. Most people have been accustomed to the bland, unimaginative, basic, and low risk MCU, and whenever someone tries to make something that is smarter than the norm (like Zack himself has done), they will throw a temper tantrum and take a scene completely out of context in order to satisfy their ego and boost their bullshit narrative. Most people are either too ignorant or too afraid to admit Zack and the DCEU's superiority to the MCU.
MCU Fanboy: "The Martha scene made no sense, why would anyone become friends because there moms have the same name?"
DCEU Fanboy: "Have you considered the fact that maybe the meaning to the scene was that after Superman said 'Save Martha', Batman realized that Superman was more human than he thought (because he has a human mom), and that Batman himself had become the thing he fought against (a monster that kills people)? Have you also considered that they became allies instead of friends?"
MCU Fanboy: "B-But Batman told Martha that they were friends!"
DCEU Fanboy: "Maybe because he wanted her to trust him?"
MCU Fanboy "..."
MCU Fanboy: "But Zack Snyder is just an idiot who ruined the DCEU!"
DCEU Fanboy "Or maybe you're too ignorant to at least try and understand the messages he tries to convey."
MCU Fanboy: "Don't talk to me, I'm just going to watch the Infinity Wars trailer for the 34th time!"
by KirbyPPG January 29, 2018
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Anytime a person tells an elaborate story with no point or plot what so ever.
Stephen told the the best story at the bar last night, but there was no point. He totally pulled a Zack Snyder.
by walkingsausage April 03, 2011
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The director that ruined Batman, and the DCEU. THANKS A LOT ZACK SNYDER!
I hate Zack Snyder
by I AM THE INTERNET January 03, 2018
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Zack snyder is a movie director well known for his work such as 300, watchmen, Man of Steel, and Batman v Superman Dawn of Justice, Justice League, and Army of the Dead.

realistically speaking his movies are not really bad or good as people say, they are more mediocre at best.

Zack has a very good style with his way of composing a shot, great imagery, action, and music.

The problem with him however is that while he has style, there’s no substance. His characters are choppy and always have the same problem: pain. Snyder loves pain and his movies always go down the same path: life sucks. Out of all the movies I’ve seen from him, has there ever been a victory? There always has to be a loss, and it wouldn’t be so bad if maybe the story was great.

That’s another thing, Snyder knows how to bring you in, but not keep you. His movies sometimes go on and on, and by the middle part, not much happens. And can he try not to act like an “artiste”? Just by his trailers Snyder wants you to think his movie will be deep, but the dilemma and especially the resolution don’t seem to reflect that. At least Michael Bay knows he’s action schlock. You’re not Kubrick or Scorsese, zack. Stop it.
zack snyder movies are aight...........
by Fatcocksniffer69 June 15, 2021
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