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One who draws in another individual by creating a warm comfortable position in order to achieve sexual intercourse.
Allison: "Last night, Mike slithered into my room after the party and held me from behind, before I knew it, he was inside me."
Jennifer: "Eewww... He's such a Snugglefucker."
by August 03, 2010
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when you are cuddling but then someone takes off your pants
Yeah, she such a snugglefucker! We were cuddling and then started unzipping my pants!!!
by Jimmyleg Fart February 20, 2014
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To be held by one that treats you like a queen/king inside and out then fucks the shit out of strings attached
My snugglefucker soothes the soul.
by juicyJbooty February 18, 2017
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