A Conspiracy Theorist who believes that Obama is secretly plotting, or otherwise planning a proposal that would require mandatory "End of Life Counseling" for senior citizens every five years. Similar to a birther.

A rumor mostly passed by Freepers, but debunked by Snopes.
Crazy CTer: "Hey, I heard today that not only was Obama born in Kenya, but he's also planning to make Senior Citizens have end of life counseling, in order to pressure them into euthanasia, every five years!"

Ignore the snuffer. Common sense is not their forte.
by DashEvil July 29, 2009
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A man who sniffs a penis up his nose and it pokes his brain causing a reaction that makes his arms shoot up into the air and he yells "ShizMonkNickFuckAssBitchNizz!"

Comes from the laten word cat~fucker.
The man was such a Snuffer he was called a bitch.
by jim July 08, 2004
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