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A person who demands complete devotion from a lover, but who sees them as only an occasional diversion or romantic accessory to their established routine. In other words, someone who metaphorically places their lover inside a snowglobe then sits them on top of their mantle, to be inverted on occasion, then placed back down and viewed while the plastic snowflakes settle to the bottom. After which they turn their attention to the other demands and interests in their life, without any regard for their loverโ€™s emotional or physical needs, content in the knowledge that whenever they desire something that only a their lover can provide (e.g. affection, sex, to be wined-and-dined, conversation), that their lover is awaiting their beck and call upon their mantle.
She's just a snowglober, so don't ever expect her to bring you into her world or to care deeply about yours.
by artemas1790 September 07, 2010
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