One of the greatest sports ever invented. Combines some of the most amazing aspects of nature with high speed, technical skill and bliss.
by brendan March 20, 2004
An objest used for one of the greatest sports ever...SNOWBOARDING. Whether your're carving down a steep mountain side, ripping up the park with insane mad shit, just cruising or a beginner...Once you go Board you never go back.
I have a snowboard.
by Bex December 4, 2003
refers to the action of snorting a line of cocaine off a man's erect genitalia
"'Dude a girl at the club was totally snowboarding me last night'
'Man, that must've been a short line of cocaine."'
by SheSleepsIStrike February 13, 2014
Snowboarding was pioneered during the late '60s and early '70s by guys who opted to build boards in shop class instead of birdhouses and tobacco pipes. Those first snowboards only vaguely resemble the equipment that exists today; they were small, wooden, and difficult to maneuver. Fortunately, designers such as Tom Sims, Jake Burton, and Chuck Barfoot gave up their dreams of having a cubicle job and instead devoted their time to creating better snowboards and promoting the sport. As the popularity of snowboarding increased (especially in the 1980s), media coverage and large-scale competition brought the sport to the public's attention. However, since the advent of the pseudo punk uprising, half of the teenager population claims to be a snowboarder because they own a snowboard. Despite the massive influx of false snowboarders, it is still a sport with no equal.
Bob: What do you wanna do today?
Snowboard junkie: SNOWBOARD!!!!
Bob: Dude, its august.
Snowboard junkie: Who gives a fuck?
Bob: The only snow around is in Canada.
Snowboard junkie: Lets go!
Bob: No!
Snowboard junkie: DEATH TO YOU INFIDEL!
Faker: Huh huh huh, I snowbaord! I can ride down a black diamond at 3 mph!
Snowboard junkie: I WILL CUT YOUR THROAT!
by Bob the Leprechaun August 8, 2004
Although the most fun anyone can have... ever... snowboarding is also one of the most potentially painful activities known to man. On a more technical note, there are three types of snowboarding:

Freeriding: This is your basic stand on a board and go down the hill type boarding. Doesn't take much talent... i'd say after 2-3 years you should have it down pat.

Freestyle: This is the most blissful activity on the face of the earth. It can also be divided into a bunch of subcategories...
-Park- Kickers and cheese wedges, park riding consists of taking air while maintaining a downhillwards (SO not a word) motion. While in the air, it is expected that you spin and / or grab.
-Pipe- Or half-pipe... this is arguably the most commercialised form of freestyle. It envolves going back and forth taking air on two walls of what is literally a massive half of a pipe made out of snow (but usually frozen as hell, making for some painful fuck-ups). Once again with the spinning and grabbing.
-Jibbing- This is what little kids who don't know how to ride properly spend all day doing. It's rails and boxes, mostly, but can be adapted to anything. Park benches, cars, roofs of barns (Jason Brown - Transworld's Technical Difficulties) Which is why it's so fun i suppose... still, those little fucks couldn't do shit in the next section.

Backcountry: Off trail riding, usually using a snowmobile, snowcat, or (if you're a rich sponsored son of a bitch) a helicopter to get up to the top of an unsupervised, unmaintained mountain, then riding down, a feat that usually takes about half the morning. The most dangerous type of riding, simply because of the avalance hazard.
RIP, Craig Kelly.
Hahah, see the kid with the mohawk and ACAB written all over his board? Let's go beat him up and piss on him!
by The Angry Gnome January 11, 2005
anyone who snowboards. many (but not all) skiers hate snowboarders because they have only seen the snowboarders who either suck so much that they only slide down the mountain and scrape snow (but hey, they gotta start somewhere), or the cocky ones who only hit park all day long on good pow days and are assholes to skiers who are also in the park. its because of riders like this that skiers have created an extremely negative stereotype about snowboarders. these snowboarders account for about only 5%-45% of the snowboarders, depending on where you go. most of the skiers don't have friends who are true riders create and live by these stereotypes.

true riders:
dont bitch and whine about skiers all the time- they can be just as cool as us

dont hog up the park all day and sit down in landings

shred the pow when possible

can ride whatever they feel like and dont hate on other riders who rip on different stuff then they do, unless the rider ONLY does park (some people like backcountry more, some like park more, some like inbounds more, but a good mix is what i like).

ride to have fun, to live life. (and they can do this w/friends)

(and also, shawn white is a great rider, and im not hatin, but he isnt the only great one. ever heard of guys like craig kelly, or antti autti?)
most snowboarders are actually really ill guys.

yes we have our own language. dont start hatin because you dont know what ill, shred, pow, gnar, and such means.

we're creative enough to make our own diction, assholes
by WiMcS July 11, 2008
a beautifully designed instrument used for slaying all types of snowcovered terrain and rails
I used my Snowboard to do a switch frontside rodeo 540
by Sean "sTc REP" Eggel July 15, 2003