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Snowboarding was pioneered during the late '60s and early '70s by guys who opted to build boards in shop class instead of birdhouses and tobacco pipes. Those first snowboards only vaguely resemble the equipment that exists today; they were small, wooden, and difficult to maneuver. Fortunately, designers such as Tom Sims, Jake Burton, and Chuck Barfoot gave up their dreams of having a cubicle job and instead devoted their time to creating better snowboards and promoting the sport. As the popularity of snowboarding increased (especially in the 1980s), media coverage and large-scale competition brought the sport to the public's attention. However, since the advent of the pseudo punk uprising, half of the teenager population claims to be a snowboarder because they own a snowboard. Despite the massive influx of false snowboarders, it is still a sport with no equal.
Bob: What do you wanna do today?
Snowboard junkie: SNOWBOARD!!!!
Bob: Dude, its august.
Snowboard junkie: Who gives a fuck?
Bob: The only snow around is in Canada.
Snowboard junkie: Lets go!
Bob: No!
Snowboard junkie: DEATH TO YOU INFIDEL!
Faker: Huh huh huh, I snowbaord! I can ride down a black diamond at 3 mph!
Snowboard junkie: I WILL CUT YOUR THROAT!
by Bob the Leprechaun August 08, 2004

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